Men's Health The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

Men's Health The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge

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Based on the wildly popular monthly feature qUncommon Knowledgeq in Men's Health magazine, this book is the ultimate reference guide for the man who wants to know how to do everything better. It's a treasure trove of tips, advice, secrets, and wisdom like . . . how to survive a bear attack (or a divorce), grow a salad, woo beautiful women, take a punch, build a tree house, make a signature cocktail, win at anything, whistle with your fingers, talk your way into a raise or out of a ticket, rescue a fair maiden, patch a hole in drywall, catch and cook a bass, lose weight fast, build muscle faster, start a fire with a flashlight . . . Plus: bar tricks, diet hacks, grilling tips, rules for building wealth, sex advice from women, exercises for 6-packs, 10 uses for beer besides drinking, and much, much more! It's everything men should have learned from their dads and favorite uncles, but didn't.Vacations with women, 143 Valentinea#39;s Day date, 139 Vinegar and blood sugar level, 195 Voicemail, landing job via, 167 ... 63, 93 Weightlifting, 63, 63, 66, 71 Weight loss knees and, 78 thin, look and, quick, 84, 122 31-day plan, 85 tips, 30, 33, anbsp;...

Title:Men's Health The Big Book of Uncommon Knowledge
Author:The Editors of Men's Health
Publisher:Rodale - 2015-10-20


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