MELTDOWN - Save 50% on the Complete Series

MELTDOWN - Save 50% on the Complete Series

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qLars Emmerich is right up there with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille, and Frederick Forsyth.q - Gene GeRue, Amazon Save 50% on the complete Meltdown series! Special Agent Sam Jameson never pays much attention to the crackpots and goofballs with their shrill economic doomsday predictionsa€b until their dire conjecture suddenly comes true. That's when her week blazes past horrible and crashes headlong into nightmarish. On the heels of a harrowing rescue of her live-in lover from the clutches of a brood of nasty bastards, Sam finds herself thrust into the limelight, leading the investigation into the most audacious - and outrageously successful - economic terror plot in history. With the global financial system in ruins, and a worldwide social meltdown crashing down around her, Sam must win a desperate race to prevent a disastrous consolidation of power into the hands of a shadowy and ruthless international cabal. Will an unrepentant computer hacker's brazen heist and a thin trail of cryptic clues hold the key to Sama€™s survival? Will she solve the puzzle in time to prevent North America's economic enslavement? MELTDOWN is the second series in the DEVOLUTION saga, a Sam Jameson Serial Thriller. What readers say about Lars Emmerich: a€œLeft me breathless. My heart was thumping all the way through! Awesome.a€ Cynthia M., actual reader. a€œRight up there with James Patterson, David Baldacci, Nelson DeMille and Frederic Forsyth.a€ Gene G., actual reader. a€œOUTSTANDING. I am without a doubt hooked!a€ Lori H., actual reader. a€œAn amazing writer.a€ Brook M., actual reader. a€œA brilliantly written work.a€ Shelly J., actual reader. a€œIntelligent and insightful. I couldna€™t stop reading.a€ Antonio C.F., actual reader. a€œThe Incident is a wonderful read for those who like suspense, sex, and a gripping plot.a€ Chariss K., actual reader. a€œThese books are definitely addicting. Ia€™m hooked and forever a fan.a€ Cindy M., actual reader. a€œYou can't put this one away. Will keep you up till the last page, then keeps you wanting more. Super series. Don't miss this series!a€ Paula M., actual reader. a€œOne of the best thrillers Ia€™ve ever read!a€ Jennifer J., actual reader. a€œI couldna€™t put it down!a€ Walt Z., actual reader. a€œThe Incident is awesome.a€ Clark S., actual reader. a€œI really enjoyed Meltdown and The Incident, and I knew Ia€™d be up all night reading Devolution!a€ Hugh B., actual reader. a€œEnjoyed the fast pace of the story.a€ Antony L., actual reader. a€œI really enjoy these books.a€ Ikia P., actual reader. a€œI really enjoyed The Incident.a€ Guy H., actual reader. a€œReally enjoyed The Incident series, it was great.a€ Dennis H., actual reader. a€œI purchased and read all 8 episodes of The Incident within 3 daysa€b read Devolution in one sittinga€b cana€™t wait for more!a€ Amy F., actual reader. a€œA very devoted fan!a€ Amanda C., actual reader. a€œI absolutely loved Episode 1 of The Incident.a€ Patricia T., actual reader. a€œI thoroughly enjoyed The Incident.a€ Lois E., actual reader. a€œJust finished The Incident and loved it.a€ Dan C., actual reader. a€œI love [Lars Emmericha€™s] writing!a€ Rhonda A., actual reader. a€œI have enjoyed reading these books immensely.a€ Ahmed A., actual reader. a€œI have so enjoyed reading [the Devolution series]. I cana€™t wait to see what happens next!a€ Clare H., actual reader. a€œI absolutely loved The Incident!a€ Carol B., actual reader. a€œI enjoy [Lars Emmericha€™s] writing and will continue reading.a€ Paul P., actual reader. a€œEnjoyed [The Incident] series of books!a€ Debbie F., actual reader. a€œI love [Lars Emmericha€™s] books. I have read them all.a€ Leslie D., actual reader. a€œI thoroughly enjoyed reading The Incident.a€ Mary M., actual reader. a€œI loved Episode One of The Incident. Cana€™t wait to read the rest!a€ David S., actual reader. Interview with author Lars Emmerich Q - So, what makes the Special Agent Sam Jameson series special? A - It's a mix of things, really. When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that mirrored exactly the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are usually espionage and private detective novels, any of the thousands of thrillers and mysteries best sellers, and, of course, books featuring classic pulp heroes. I also like heroes with problems and villains who are frighteningly human, maybe a little too much like us. The Sam Jameson books are a mix of these genres. The series focuses on the mystery and thriller / espionage genre overall, with a couple of themes borrowed from financial thrillers thrown in for good measure, a healthy dose of the stuff that makes political thrillers great, and a serial killer novel or two to keep things interesting. Why such a mixing of themes? Because life isn't monolithic and book genres are arbitrary. There's murder in spy novels and there's espionage in political conspiracy thrillers. Overall, the Sam Jameson series is designed to keep you turning the pages. I've done my best to make sure there's never a dull moment, and I think Sam's chutzpah and attitude makes for good entertainment. But I'm probably a little biased. Q - What order should I read the books in? A - Ia€™ve written the series so you can read the books in any order, and all the story threads will tie up nicely by the time you're finished. The Incident is a standalone story, and it occurs before the Devolution series. If you do want to read them in order, I'd suggest the following sequence: - The Incident Season 1 (this is Episodes 1 through 4) - The Incident Season 2 (Episodes 5 through 8) - Devolution - Meltdown - Mindscrew - Balls Deep (A Peter Kittredge espionage and suspense thriller) Q - So, why should readers give these books a try? A - Because the Sam Jameson series is a fast, fun thrill-ride that never lets up! Each of the books has hit the top ten bestsellers list on Kindle for Women Sleuths, and each have been featured on Amazon's Thrillers 100 Must Reads list - which is no mean feat. Ultimately, readers who enjoy a blazing pace, characters with depth and distinctive voices, and a plot that twists and turns all the way to the end will enjoy this series. Sam Jameson Espionage and Suspense Thrillers Series eBook Categories: - Female Espionage Thrillers - Female Suspense Thrillers - Women Sleuths - Female Mystery Series - Female Crime Thrillers - Private Investigator Series - Female Political Thrillers - Female Conspiracy Thrillers - Thrillers and Mysteries Best Sellers - Thrillers 100 Must Reads - Thriller Female Detective SeriesA large flatscreen TV hung from the wall, and a muted 24/7 news station bangedaway silently. A largepiece of glass toppedthe conference table, and beneath it, unit insignia representing hundreds of different military organizations wereanbsp;...

Title:MELTDOWN - Save 50% on the Complete Series
Author:Lars Emmerich
Publisher:Polymath Publishing - 2014-06-16


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