Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15

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Our culture is obsessed with design. Sometimes designers can fuse utility and fantasy to make the mundane appear fresha€”a cosmetic repackaging of the same old thing. Because of this, medicinea€”grounded in the unforgiving realities of the scientific method and peer review, and of flesh, blood, and paina€”can sometimes confuse a€œdesigna€ with mere a€œprettifying.a€ Design solves real problems, however. This collection of papers underwrites the importance of design for the MMVR community, within three different environments: in vivo, in vitro and in silico. in vivo: we design machines to explore our living bodies. Imaging devices, robots, and sensors move constantly inward, operating within smaller dimensions: system, organ, cell, DNA. in vitro: Using test tubes and Petri dishes, we isolate in vivo to better manipulate and measure biological conditions and reactions. in silico: We step out of the controlled in vitro environment and into a virtual reality. The silica mini-worlds of test tubes and Petri dishes are translated into mini-worlds contained within silicon chips. The future of medicine remains within all three environments: in vivo, in vitro, and in silico. Design is what makes these pieces fit togethera€”the biological, the informational, the physical/materiala€”into something new and more useful.In Vivo, in Vitro, in Silico: Designing the Next in Medicine J.D. Westwood, R.S. Haluck, H.M. Hoffman ... Semi-automatic Development of Optimized Surgical Simulator with Surgical Manuals Yoshihiro KURODAa, Tadamasa TAKEMURAb, anbsp;...

Title:Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15
Author:J.D. Westwood, R.S. Haluck, H.M. Hoffman
Publisher:IOS Press - 2007-01-18


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