Mechanisms of Atmospheric Oxidation of the Oxygenates

Mechanisms of Atmospheric Oxidation of the Oxygenates

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Prepared by an international team of eminent atmospheric scientists, Mechanisms of Atmospheric Oxidation of the Oxygenates is an authoritative source of information on the role of oxygenates in the chemistry of the atmosphere. The oxygenates, including the many different alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, acids, esters, and nitrogen-atom containing oxygenates, are of special interest today due to their increased use as alternative fuels and fuel additives. This book describes the physical properties of oxygenates, as well as the chemical and photochemical parameters that determine their reaction pathways in the atmosphere. Quantitative descriptions of the pathways of the oxygenates from release or formation in the atmosphere to final products are provided, as is a comprehensive review and evaluation of the extensive kinetic literature on the atmospheric chemistry of the different oxygenates and their many halogen-atom substituted analogues. This book will be of interest to modelers of atmospheric chemistry, environmental scientists and engineers, and air quality planning agencies as a useful input for development of realistic modules designed to simulate the atmospheric chemistry of the oxygenates, their major oxidation products, and their influence on ozone and other trace gases within the troposhere.... of nine catalyst-equipped vehicles (Honda Civic, Ford Taurus, Toyota pickup truck, Chevrolet Astrovan, Toyota Celica, GMC ... These can be compared with the data in table I-C-7, where exhaust emissions for C1a€“C30 organic compounds derived ... (1999b, 2002b), reflecting continuing improvements in emission control technology; see figure 3 in Wallington et al. ... The difference reflects both improvements in engine design which reduce the level of hydrocarbons in the exhaustanbsp;...

Title:Mechanisms of Atmospheric Oxidation of the Oxygenates
Author:Jack Calvert
Publisher:OUP USA - 2011-09-29


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