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Through the blistering heat rising off the desert highway, Mark Axton deftly maneuvers a sports car at high speed. A test-driver for a major automobile magazine, the handsome, charismatic Axton lives a life of adventure that other men can only dream of. Yet as Axton and his assistant conduct their test-drive on this particular day, they are about to experience a chance encounter with a former racecar driver and his gruff mechanic that could change Axton's life, and the lives of every human being on the planet, forever.In Mech-Row we meet a cast of characters thrown together by the unbelievable invention of the first truly nonpolluting high-performance automobile. As Axton and his new partners attempt to build and test a working prototype, their lives become interwoven in the pursuit of a revolutionary wonder vehicle that could actually become the solution to the world's pollution crisis. Mech-Row takes us on a journey at a hundred miles per hour as Axton races to bring the amazing discovery to the world's attention. A fast-paced thriller, Mech-Row is a standout in a new type of fiction set against the backdrop of the modern-day plight of planet Earth.mechanical systems that have been at the heart of automobiles for the last one hundred and twenty years now have been digitized and electrified. ... So instead of relying on chemical reactions to laboriously move electrons around like batteries do, a capacitor kind of pulls electrons ... It takes a bit of time to move the electrons around to charge the capacitor, but as soon as a load is applied, the electrons are in ... And this on-the-run particular version utilizes a small reactor- reformer unit.

Author:Tim Campbell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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