McKinsey Management Techniques (EBOOK BUNDLE)

McKinsey Management Techniques (EBOOK BUNDLE)

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Hone your management strategy and skills for long-term successa€”the McKinsey Way Two books in one eBook package! The international bestseller The McKinsey Way provides a through-the-keyhole look at McKinsey a Company, the worlda€™s leading management consulting firm. The McKinsey Mind reveals the hands-on secrets behind the firma€™s successa€”and explains how executives from any industry can use those tactics to be more proactive and successful in their day-to-day decision-making. Now, McKinsey Management Techniques combines both books into a single ebooka€”so you can access valuable management lessons of this legendary firm wherever and whenever you have your eBook reader. The McKinsey Waya€”INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Get an inside look at how the secretive McKinsey works its magica€”and learn how to emulate the firm's well-honed practices in problem solving, communication, and management. This detailed guide teaches you how to think about business problems, solve them, and approach every aspect of a task the McKinsey way. Learn how to: Recruit and mold elite consultants Sell without a€œsellingq Jumpstart research and make brainstorming more productive Keep a team at the top its game Create and deliver powerful presentations The McKinsey Mind The McKinsey Mind reveal the ways in which McKinsey consultants consistently deliver their magica€”and how you can apply their lessons to achieve exceptional results in companies from 10 employees to 10, 000. Packed with insights and brainstorming exercises for honing your a€œMcKinsey mindset, a€ this in-depth guidebook helps you: Frame business problems to make them susceptible to rigorous fact-based analysis Use the same fact-based analysisa€”in conjunction with gut instincta€”to make strategic decisions Conduct meaningful interviews and summarize the content of those interviews Analyze the data to find out the qso whatq Clearly communicate fact-based solutions to all pertinent decision makers Capture and manage the knowledge in any organization to maximize its valueYour next step is to figure out which analyses you have to per- form and which questions you have to ask in order to prove or dis- prove your hypothesis. One way to lay out these questions is with an issue tree. The issue tree, a species of logicanbsp;...

Title:McKinsey Management Techniques (EBOOK BUNDLE)
Author:Ethan Rasiel
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Professional - 2011-11-18


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