MC68HC12 an Introduction

MC68HC12 an Introduction

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This comprehensive book from Delmar uses assembly language and the C language to provide readers with a refreshingly straightforward introduction to applications of the Motorola 16-bit microcontroller 68HC12. Using a methodical, step-by-step approach proven to facilitate learning, each of its thirteen chapters introduces a basic concept and proceeds gradually into more detail to guide readers to new programming skills while strengthening their understanding of 68HC12 architecture. The book begins by acquainting readers with 68HC12 CPU registers, addressing modes, Assembler directives, plus simple programs for arithmetic and program loops. Subsequent chapters feature detailed examples and tutorials that clearly demonstrate applications of parallel ports, timer functions, analog to digital (A/D) converters, serial communication interface, controller area network, plus on-chip and external memory expansion. Extraordinarily readable and easy to learn from, MC68HC12 An Introduction: Software and Hardware Interfacing - with its accompanying CD-ROM - serves as an excellent introductory book for students enrolled in electrical engineering, electronic engineering technology, and computer engineering technology. Clear and concise explanations, a glossary, and helpful appendices - including ICC12 library functions, SPI-compatible chips, plus a listing of 68HC12 development tool vendors, and more - also make this book ideal for any professional who wants to gain an understanding of Motorola 68HC12 hardware, software and interfacing. Benefits: Examples showcase the application of subsystems, providing an extraordinarily effective and systematic means of mastering even the most sophisticated 68HC12 assembly programming skills. A wealth of exercises, lab exercises and assignments at the end of each chapter provides hands-on learning opportunities and underscores key concepts. An entire chapter discusses learning and development tools, including: demo and evaStart yes Keyboard debouncing Figure 7.21 a€c Flowchart for keyboard scanning for the circuit in Figure 7.20 Keyboard decoding can be done strictly within ... When the key is bouncing, it touches neither the set terminal nor the reset terminal.

Title:MC68HC12 an Introduction
Author:Han-Way Huang
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2003


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