Maximillien de Lafayette:His Paintings and Passages from His Life

Maximillien de Lafayette:His Paintings and Passages from His Life

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qDe Lafayette was the last hurrah of the greatest Neo Cubism Pioneer of our generation...q-Dr. John Chen, Laureate of the United Nations/UNESCO. Former Member of The White House Presidential Committee-Convention on Information Service and Library Sciences. Washington, DC., USA, 1980.The book includes hundreds of original paintings and relevant commentaries. Elegantly produced with an astonishing selection of artwork from his pioneering movement PROGRESSIVE NEO CUBISM in the seventies.A book about the art of Maximillien, including episodes from his extraordinary life never told before. His life at the monastery, in the circus, in the Romano studio, his confrontations with major museums curators, so on. Louise de Chambertin said, qFortunately and after 2 years of hard labor, I found Solange Berthier, Theodore Marlins, Jean Marie Grenadier and Robyn Horrowitz who, thirty years ago, were either the art agents of this genius and crazy artist, or close friends, who tried to make his art known to the public. With the help of ancient friends and pals, I began to reconstruct some episodes of his artistic life and contact art collectors who have acquired some of his paintings around the globe. Although, there are many websites about his art, his name today does not shine on the plateau of modern art, and to a great decree, Maximillien was responsible for this. Today, if you ask 9 out of 10 persons, who is Maximillien the artist, they will tell you, qMaximillien, Who? But the remaining 1 of 10 would quickly rush to ask you, qWhere is he? What did happen to him?q or probably they would say, qHe is terrific...why did he stop painting?q And we have talked about this in the present book, and fantastic episodes from his life, never revealed before. His career as a painter was relatively short. The artist, himself, tragically ended his glorious success, when he was on his way to reach a global fame.... and art websites webmasters who helped us in our research and in gathering information and data about Maximillien, ... Frankreich Organization Am The Serebella Directory Am Excite Italia, Directory Am Find-Artist. com Am Guide2-home- decor.comanbsp;...

Title:Maximillien de Lafayette:His Paintings and Passages from His Life
Author:Maximillien De Lafayette, M-L de Chambertin - 2010-07-25


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