Max Loehr and the study of Chinese bronzes

Max Loehr and the study of Chinese bronzes

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Max Loehr (1903-1988) is celebrated above all for a 1953 art historical study of Chinese bronzes that effectively predicted discoveries Chinese archaeologists were about to make. Those discoveries in turn overthrew the theories of Loehr's great rival Bernhard Karlgren (1889-1978), a Swedish sinologue whose apparently scientific use of classification and statistics had long dominated Western studies of the bronzes. Revisiting a controversy that was ended by archaeology before the issues at stake were fully understood, Robert Bagley shows its methodological implications to be profound.... blood, and so on a€” these are inherited from a common ancestor further back in time, an ancestor from which both bearlike and cat-like creatures split off. ... Libraries are not organized like this, but dichotomous identification keys work in exactly this way. ... enables the collector who has found an unfamiliar plant to home in on the manuala#39;s entry for it by answering a series of yes-or-no questions about it.

Title:Max Loehr and the study of Chinese bronzes
Author:Robert W. Bagley, Max Loehr, Bernhard Karlgren
Publisher:Cornell Univ East Asia Program - 2008-12-31


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