Mathematics for Biological Scientists

Mathematics for Biological Scientists

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Mathematics for Biological Scientists is a new undergraduate textbook which covers the mathematics necessary for biology students to understand, interpret and discuss biological questions. The book's twelve chapters are organized into four themes. The first theme covers the basic concepts of mathematics in biology, discussing the mathematics used in biological quantities, processes and structures. The second theme, calculus, extends the language of mathematics to describe change. The third theme is probability and statistics, where the uncertainty and variation encountered in real biological data is described. The fourth theme is explored briefly in the final chapter of the book, which is to show how the 'tools' developed in the first few chapters are used within biology to develop models of biological processes. Mathematics for Biological Scientists fully integrates mathematics and biology with the use of color illustrations and photographs to provide an engaging and informative approach to the subject of mathematics and statistics within biological science.(Answers to questions can be found at the end of the book) Basic 1. ... It shows the reaction coordinate diagram for a hypothetical enzyme-catalyzed reaction in which enzyme E converts a single substrate S into a single product P. Locate allanbsp;...

Title:Mathematics for Biological Scientists
Author:Mike Aitken, Bill Broadhurst, Stephen Hladky
Publisher:Garland Science - 2009-12-22


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