Mastering Home Networking

Mastering Home Networking

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Now that many homes have two or more computers, home networks are spreading like wildfire. By networking your computers together, you can share files, high-speed Internet connections, and peripherals such as printers and scanners, saving your household time, effort, and money. And where home networking used to involve expertise with protocols, wires, and power tools, new networking products let you build an effective network in minutes-without drilling, without pulling cables, and in some cases even without using wires. Written in straightforward, easy-to-understand language, Mastering Home Networking shows you how to: * Choose the network topology and technology that best suits your home and your needs * Build a home network using Ethernet cables, your existing phonelines or powerlines, or wireless adapters * Configure networking on Windows 95, Windows 98, the Macintosh, Windows 2000, Linux, and NetWare * Design and build a home office that will enable you to telecommute effectively * Administer networked users, groups, and shared resources * Add e-mail, games, and applications to your network * Run your own Web server to share information with your household and friends * Secure and troubleshoot your network * Set up effective remote access so you can connect to your home network when you're on the roadA network analyzer, also called a protocol analyzer, is another tool with a four- figure price tag, used to decode and ... However, ita#39;s not a bad idea to get an inexpensive computer repair toolkit, available at any computer store, to help you withanbsp;...

Title:Mastering Home Networking
Author:Mark Henricks
Publisher:Sybex - 2000-05-03


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