Master the PCAT

Master the PCAT

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Peterson's Master the PCAT is an in-depth review that offers thorough preparation for the computer-based exam. After learning about the structure, format, scoring and score reporting, and the subtests and question types, you can take a diagnostic test to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. The next six parts of the eBook are focused on detailed subject reviews for each subtest: verbal ability, reading comprehension, biology, chemistry, quantative ability, and writing. Each review includes practice questions with detailed answer explanations. You can take two practice tests to track your study progress. The tests also offer detailed answer explanations to further improve your knowledge and inderstanding of the tested subjects. The eBook concludes with an appendix that provides helpful information on a variety of careers in pharmacy and ten in-depth career profiles.In this type of covalent bond, the bonding electron pairis shared equally betweenthe two atoms. Nonpolar bonds ... Coordinate covalent bondsare typically found in Lewis acidbase compounds. ... Drawthe Lewis dot diagram of the molecule. 2.

Title:Master the PCAT
Publisher:Peterson's - 2012-07-15


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