Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker

Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker

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Extensively illustrated, with over 100 drawings and 11 unique Mary Schafer patterns, Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker is a must-have book for anyone passionate about American quilting. While we take that passion for granted today, author Gwen Marston shows that it wasn't always so; indeed, one woman, Mary Schafer, was largely responsible for the restoration of interest in one of our greatest folk arts -- long before the American bicentennial turned quilting into what seemed like an overnight sensation. Marston presents Schafer as an unassuming scholar: the anonymous quilter, remaining humble and somewhat retiring. Behind the modest faAsade, however, Schafer displayed a remarkable devotion to research, historical accuracy, and community through her efforts to make quilting available to as many people as possible. Nonquilters will find Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker a welcome addition to their collection of the work of masters of American folk art, while quilting aficionados will appreciate it not only for the story it tells, but for the generous selection of patterns and illustrations it offers. Gwen Marston is a nationally known quilt maker, teacher, and author. She is the author of over fifteen books on quilting, including Liberated String Quilts, 70 Classic Quilting Patterns, and Amish Quilting Patterns.aquot;Marie D. Webster: A Major Influence on Quilt Design in the 20th Century.aquot; alt;.Magt;/ Hagt;yn//agt;//y Quiltera#39;s ... An Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. Lawrence, KS: Prairie ... Quilting Manual Knoxville: Hearthside Press, 1970. . aquot;The Spirit of 76.

Title:Mary Schafer, American Quilt Maker
Author:Gwen Marston
Publisher:University of Michigan Press - 2004


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