Market Muscle

Market Muscle

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There are many reasons to invest, and the two foremost are to stay above the eroding entity of inflation and to achieve financial goals. In Market Muscle, author and licensed financial advisor Thomas Peterson reveals Wall Streeta€™s hidden secreta€”how to make money safely and lucratively using the covered call option with exchanged traded funds and protective puts. Market Muscle discusses increased cash flow, double a€“ digit returns, capital appreciation, dividends, and downside protection. Peterson presents a basic overview on options, exchange traded funds, protective puts, and the information necessary to become a covered call master. Through step-by-step guidance, illustrative stories, and end-of-chapter quizzes, Market Muscle presents the how and why strategies behind using the covered call. It shows how investors can beat the market, enhance return, experience capital gain opportunities, earn generous weekly or monthly income, gain instant diversification, and control risk using this little-known but powerful investment vehicle.Covered call writing is a strategy which investors can be the casino. Some opinions on Wall Street are that people who buy options are gambling with their capital. Investors who write options are investing with a brain by taking consistent anbsp;...

Title:Market Muscle
Author:Thomas Peterson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-12-11


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