Many-Particle Theory,

Many-Particle Theory,

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The quantum theory of many-particle systems has applications in various branches of physics including condensed matter, atomic, molecular, nuclear and high-energy. An understanding of this theory is therefore important to most students of physics and Many-Particle Theory is an excellent introduction to the subject. Many-Particle Theory presents a detailed and logical account of the theory and techniques used. Basic subjects such as Green's functions and Feynman diagrams are discussed in detail, and many examples and applications are given, such as the Hartee-Fock approximation, superconductivity and the Kondo problem. Due to the detailed derivations and the fact that only a grasp of basic quantum mechanics is assumed, the book is an ideal textbook for graduate students and teachers of physics. The comprehensive bibliography contains many recent books and articles for further studies. Many-Particle Theory is a translation of the second German edition, which is an expanded version of the popular first edition. All three authors, E K U Gross, E Runge and O Heinonen, are well respected researchers in the field.47rea#39; 2^ z-j fi|k-ka#39;|2 alt;T k, ka#39; a#39; a#39; = -1 = exchange energy as in Chapter 10. (22.2) (22.3 ) Here, both ... vanish, because fyk+q) jr.a#39; = alt;$q (ka#39;-k) *n ^ne G^Adagt;-\me above, from which we Ik+q )o a€c (ka#39;-q)oa#39; Figure 22.4 Diagrams which contain these parts asanbsp;...

Title:Many-Particle Theory,
Author:Eberhard K. U. Gross, E. Runge, O. Heinonen
Publisher:CRC Press - 1991-11-01


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