Manic Streets of Perth: An Australian Comedy

Manic Streets of Perth: An Australian Comedy

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Perth. It's thousands of miles from anywhere, it's got a rubbish Bell Tower and not enough of the laid-back locals are being eaten by sharks. Well, that's what expat reporter Paul Lewis thinks, but after a lonely Manic Street Preachers fan reveals her disastrously unlucky life suddenly nothing's the same... Manic Streets of Perth - Where a snake-wielding robber is just the start of your troubles. Gentler and warmer than Dave Franklin's other novels, Manic Streets is an easy to read comedy. Length: 67, 000 words. qThe storytelling is deft, sweet and funny; Brookmyre-esque without the gore, and is recommended. Manics fans, especially Richeyites, will enjoy the frequent references to the band, and the recurring theme of Kim's obsession with Small Black Flowers.q - Forever Delayed (Manic Street Preachers website) qFranklin crafts the central players with great ease to such an extent that the hot and mundane Perth streets are secondary. In fact, this enthralling tale could be set in any Australian town or city.q - Quest Newspapers qThe title may make Dullsville sound exciting, but the protagonist of Manic Streets of Perth is defiantly less than flattering about our fair city. Still, if you like fiction offbeat and on the edgy side, there's plenty of humour, pathos and plain speaking.q - Scoop magazine qI loved Manic Streets - there was a great story underlying a slightly madcap series of events and characters that really pulled the reader through. There are some great characters in this story - the self-pitying, slightly idiotic journalist Paul, Kim's father (sans both legs), the support group for people with very unfortunate names, and Kim herself. Kim's just fabulous - real - strong - vivid.q - Australian Crime Fiction (Please note this story is also available as part of the bargain-priced anthology, Evil Arse Soup: Three Ultra-Dark Comedies).Hea#39;d been to jobs in much worse places in Wales. A manic urge seized him ... He entered the house to the strains of a doom-laden Ozzy Osbourne intoning Satan was laughing and spreading his wings. ... with pornography a€“ a distinctive stab at interior decorating that no TV lifestyle show had yet been bold enough to touch.

Title:Manic Streets of Perth: An Australian Comedy
Author:Dave Franklin
Publisher:Baby Ice Dog Press - 2005-04-04


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