Managing Diversity in Today's Workplace

Managing Diversity in Today's Workplace

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As the demographics of workplaces in the United States continue to evolve to include more women employees, a growing percentage of aged employees, and greater racial diversity, a broad understanding of human resource management issues in multiple functions is necessary. Today's workplace professionals need to be up to speed on best practices for staffing, training and development, performance appraisals, work/family integration, compensation, health and safety, equal employment opportunity, disciplinary strategies, and labor relations, just to mention a few of the most important issues. Contributors to this exhaustive four-volume set include human resource consultants, employers, scholars, management consultants, and therapists, offering proven workable solutions to assist employers in managing diversity in the 21st-century workforce. The books cover topics such as diverse succession planning, formal mentoring programs, discrimination in religious organizations, transgender female workers, flexible work schedules, generational cohorts, and paid leave policy. This set will provide a lay professional reader with a thorough understanding of managing diversity in the modern workplace, and serve as an essential resource for employers, labor attorneys, and human resource specialists.Susan Strauss Research on workplace abuse, such as belittling, humiliating, and disrespecting colleagues, along with ... Maletomale hostility and harassment have recently been examined to define and determine the extent of this misconduct. ... Both men and women bully, and both genders prefer to use covert aggression; however, women are more likely to use ... providing confusing and contradictory instructions, blocking a womana#39;s promotion, hiding documents or equipment, andanbsp;...

Title:Managing Diversity in Today's Workplace
Author:Michele A. Paludi
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2012-04-23


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