Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting

Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting

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Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting, Fourth Edition provides an introduction to managerial finance in a Canadian setting. This book discusses equity in the distribution of income and wealth among customers, employees, governments, shareholders, and corporate management. Organized into 27 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of potential advantages that could emerge from a better relationship between labor and management. This text then examines the distinct characteristics of a corporation wherein it's a legal entity distinct from its owners and managers. Other chapters consider some of the inequities or distortions caused by inflation. This book discusses as well the liquidity of an asset, which refers to the ability to convert the asset into cash on short notice and at a fair price. The final chapter deals with the two approaches in evaluating an investment or an acquisition. This book is a valuable resource for corporate managers, investors, and shareholders.Instructora#39;s Manual X. Lusztig, X. Schwab ... Depreciation is a source of funds because it is an expense which does not involve a cash outlay; hence, it is added back to net income to calculate total funds available. ... Typically, we would expect accounts payable to increase. ... sheets are used (say, spanning October through December inclusive), the banka#39;s line of credit may appear to be adequate .

Title:Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting
Author:X. Lusztig, X. Schwab
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 1988-08-01


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