Malachi- Almost Forgotten

Malachi- Almost Forgotten

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After a lifetime of marriage, zoo owner Barry Weinstein suffers from a broken marriage and decides to buy two Amur Leopards after a trip to Russia with his friend, Chad Everette, who works as a MI6 agent. The leopards became the featured attraction at the zoo and a new baby leopard is born--Malachi. Life begins to change and Barry secretly becomes infatuated the administrative manager at his zoo, the curvy petite Gloria Peterson. In the spring of 2011, the zoo budget suffers forcing Barry to lease the leopards out to a research unit in Kenya. Tragedy strikes, the leopards escape from the RaD unit and are shot by safari hunters in Kenya. Jacob and Rebeccah are presumed dead-- Malachi escapes. On a chase from Kenya to Seattle, Malachi is sought by a private investigator hired by Chad who has betrayed Barry. During the sorted details of tracking the leopards, Barry and Gloria take their relationship to a new level. Endowed in a web of deceit from scams, bad investments and massive debts, Chad falls in love with what he hates the most, an American CIA agent, the classy blonde Jade Ayers. Back in the USA, a CIA investigation is under way called the Toronto Project headed up by Jade focusing on recent scams in Afghanistan and the murders of six CIA agents. Not realizing that Chad is involved in the crimes of her investigation, she becomes a suspect of her own investigation. Love, adoption, greed, kidnapping, pain, torment, and endurance will be best experienced when everyone realizes what they have been chasing was right at their back door.Nothing, she was going crazy! ... She began to go through Chada#39;s clothes and things in the hotel room to see if she could find a clue that would let her know where he might bea€”an ... When I call his cell phone, it goes straight to voicemail.

Title:Malachi- Almost Forgotten
Author:Robyn Washington
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-08


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