Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade

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Making LemonadeAc A Guidebook for Life After Divorce. By Jodi Seidler This Guidebook dissects, explores and gleans the experiences out of 15 years of single parenting; weaving them into 88 pages of insights, wit, prose and hard core facts. Ita€™s a quick study manual for all single parents starting a new life. Nothing was worse than not getting asked to prom. And then you had to deal with the bar circuit and dating in your 20 Is. Then, your 30 Is roll around and you wonder why you are still single when you are finally secure with who you are. And then, you get married and have children, and your Prince Charming turns out not to be so charming after 10 years of marriage, so you depart with the pumpkin. And now you are in your 40 Is, and back on the dating circuit, teenage child in tow. How do you not just survive, but prosper as a single parent and also prove (to yourself) youa€™re still a catch in todaya€™s market? When we first realize we are on our own, life can feel surreal. Maybe we got used to someone else pumping our gas, cooking our meals, paying our bills, cleaning our house. Perhaps we could not wait to leave the relationship, but no one told us the challenges and feelings we would be experiencing. We ask ourselves - whose life is this anyway? Well - turns out it Is your NEW life, and it Is time to buckle your seat belt and experience YOUR new life head on! Jodi Seidler shares tips, tidbits, prose and inspiration on what ita€™s like to be a(divorced) single parent in todaya€™s world. Jodi is The Mother of Re-Invention and Founder of the internet Is first single parenting site back in 1997 - - The Single Parent Network; and Creator of the whimsical HIP community - for people who have had a hip replacement.Building. Your. OWN. Nest. Get A Life. Remember, ita#39;s time for you now. As sad as it might feel to have your child leave the nest to start their life a€“ ita#39;s good for you ... I use a very low limit credit card in my sona#39;s name, mostly for emergencies (but also to build his credit). ... Warn them about accepting college credit card applications, which can be dangerous and keep an eye on how they spend their money.

Title:Making Lemonade
Author:Jodi Seidler
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-07-23


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