Magnesium Overcast

Magnesium Overcast

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The Convair B-36 qPeacemakerq was the ultimate statement of American air power at the beginning of the Cold War. An intriguing mix of proven World War II concepts and 1950s high-tech innovations, the aircraft would spark more controversy than any weapon system ever built until the ill-fated Star Wars system of the late 1980s. Extensive research at various archives around the country have uncovered new and previously unpublished details about the B-36 and its derivatives. Among these are the first-ever photos of the never-flown second prototype YB-60 all-jet version, details about Convair's flying-boat version of the XC-99 cargo aircraft, and technical information of the stillborn Variable Discharge Turbine B36C variant. Includes extensive photographic coverage of the devastating 1952 Texas tornado that severely damaged and grounded a good portion of the B-36 fleet. A detailed serial number list covers each airplane and its final disposition, and a chapter covers the efforts to reclaim and scrap the aircraft as they were taken out of service.This time each aircraft only carried two sampling pods, mounted on the side of the fuselage at the side-oblique camera position. ... Decontamination is not 100% effective due to the nature of radioactivity and the inherent problem of completely cleaning all aircraft surfaces and engines. ... Then a 1:5 ratio mixture of gunk and kerosene was applied over the exterior surfaces of the aircraft and engines. ... Additional personnel (for a total of 26) were assigned to wash each aircraft, this timeanbsp;...

Title:Magnesium Overcast
Author:Dennis R. Jenkins
Publisher:Specialty Press - 2001-10-18


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