Made This Way

Made This Way

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Come with me as I take you on an intimate and candid journey through my life. You may be wondering what makes my life so special that warrants you reading this book. Well, my life has been eventful thus far and I think ita€™s been quite amazing. And Ia€™m not just saying that because ita€™s been my life. As I begin with my adoption, you might just shed a tear as you discover how I was chosen. It truly was an incredible culmination of Heavenly influence. You may find yourself laughing out loud as I share the best memories I had growing up and growing old. Count how many times I somehow managed to escape a variety of harrowing experiences unscathed. Not to spoil the plot, but ita€™s because God has always been right by my side. Sit next to me when I was told I was adopted. See how I chose to react and youa€™ll be astonished at how God introduced me to my biological mother. Yes, God made it possible to meet her. And how it happened is nothing short of mind-blowing. Look through my eyes and witness the power of God Ia€™ve felt and how I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that God is real. Youa€™ll even get to find out what happened to my cat, Queso. But my life wasna€™t always so great. Stroll with me as I re-live my nightmares and see how I dealt with everything life has thrown at me. Sit ringside as I duke it out and eventually come to terms with my sexuality - and my religion. You may even learn a thing or two as I give my perspective on what the Bible says about being gay and decide for yourself if I really was: Made This Way.While on a weekend visit to Reno, I was changing a headlight in the parking lot of the Peppermill Casino. Debbie was asleep in the ... with the stubborn headlight. Just then, a guy about my age pulled up next to me in a white Toyota Corolla.

Title:Made This Way
Author:David J. Daynes
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-12-13


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