Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence

Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence

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Increasingly, crimes and fraud are digital in nature, occurring at breakneck speed and encompassing large volumes of data. To combat this unlawful activity, knowledge about the use of machine learning technology and software is critical. Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence integrates an assortment of deductive and instructive tools, techniques, and technologies to arm professionals with the tools they need to be prepared and stay ahead of the game. Step-by-step instructions The book is a practical guide on how to conduct forensic investigations using self-organizing clustering map (SOM) neural networks, text extraction, and rule generating software to qinterrogate the evidence.q This powerful data is indispensable for fraud detection, cybersecurity, competitive counterintelligence, and corporate and litigation investigations. The book also provides step-by-step instructions on how to construct adaptive criminal and fraud detection systems for organizations. Prediction is the key Internet activity, email, and wireless communications can be captured, modeled, and deployed in order to anticipate potential cyber attacks and other types of crimes. The successful prediction of human reactions and server actions by quantifying their behaviors is invaluable for pre-empting criminal activity. This volume assists chief information officers, law enforcement personnel, legal and IT professionals, investigators, and competitive intelligence analysts in the strategic planning needed to recognize the patterns of criminal activities in order to predict when and where crimes and intrusions are likely to take place.Obtain the ICC-ID; this number is the serial for the SIM card, which is the chip that enables wireless service. It is often ... The hacker uses the ICC-ID to rearrange some numbers in order to get the IMSI number, which is the main subscriber identifier in phone carrier databases. 3. ... After parsing out the ITU prefix, parse the next three digits as the Mobile Network Code (MNC) ... Getting the subscriber number out ofan ICC-ID is vendor specific, so ita#39;s different between ATaamp;T and T- Mobile.

Title:Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence
Author:Jesus Mena
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-06-23


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