M-Theory and Quantum Geometry

M-Theory and Quantum Geometry

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The fundamental structure of matter and spacetime at the shortest length scales remains an exciting frontier of basic research in theoretical physics. A unifying theme in this area is the quantization of geometrical objects. The majority of lectures at the Advanced Study Institute on Quantum Ge ometry in Akureyri was on recent advances in superstring theory, which is the leading candidate for a unified description of all known elementary par ticles and interactions. The geometric concept of one-dimensional extended objects, or strings, has always been at the core of superstring theory but in recent years the focus has shifted to include also higher-dimensional ob jects, so called D-branes, which play a key role in the non-perturbative dynamics of the theory. A related development has seen the strong coupling regime of a given string theory identified with the weak coupling regime of what was previ ously believed to be a different theory, and a web of suchq dualitiesq that interrelates all known superstring theories has emerged. The resulting uni fied theoretical framework, termed M-theory, has evolved at a rapid pace in recent years.... strings and the strength of this interaction is governed by a dimensionless string coupling constant gs. Out of the funda61 L. Thorlacius and T. Jonsson (eds. ), M-Theory and Quantum Geometry, 61-89. Ac 2000 Kluwer Academic Publishers .

Title:M-Theory and Quantum Geometry
Author:Larus Thorlacius, Thordur Jonsson
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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