Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines

Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines

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This book provides a detailed account of the most recent developments, challenges and solutions to seamlessly advance and launch a lyophilized biologics or vaccine product, based on diverse modalities, ranging from antibodies (e.g., monoclonal, fused), complex biologics (e.g., antibody drug conjugate, PEGylated proteins), and vaccines (e.g., recombinant-protein based). The authors adeptly guide the reader through all crucial aspects, from biophysical and chemical stability considerations of proteins, analytical methods, advances in controlled ice nucleation and quality-by-design approaches, alternate drying technology, to latest regulatory, packaging and technology transfer considerations to develop a stable, safe and effective therapeutic protein, vaccine and biotechnology products. Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines: Modality-Based Approaches is composed of four sections with a total of 17 chapters. It serves as a reference to all critical assessments and steps from early pre-formulation stages to product launch: Provides recent understanding of heterogeneity of protein environment and selection of appropriate buffer for stabilization of lyophilized formulations Details the latest developments in instrumental analysis and controlled ice nucleation technology Explains in-depth lyophilized (or dehydrated) formulation strategies considering diverse modalities of biologics and vaccines, including plasmid DNA and lipid-based therapeutics Details an exhaustive update on quality-by-design and process analytical technology approaches, illustrated superbly by case studies and FDA perspective Provides the latest detailed account of alternate drying technologies including spray drying, bulk freeze-drying and crystallization, supported exceptionally by case studies Provides a step-by-step guide through critical considerations during process scale-up, technology transfer, packaging and drug delivery device selection, for a successful lyophilization process validation, regulatory submission and product launch Chapters are written by one or more world-renowned leading authorities from academia, industry or regulatory agencies, whose expertise cover lyophilization of the diverse modalities of biopharmaceuticals. Their contributions are based on the exhaustive review of literature coupled with excellent hands-on experiences in laboratory or GMP setup, making this an exceptional guide to all stages of lyophilized or dehydrated product development.Mechanisms of protein stabilization during freeze-drying and storage: the relative importance of thermodynamic stabilization and glassy ... Physical chemistry of freeze-drying: measurement of sublimation rates for frozen aqueous solutions by a microbalance technique. ... Rathore A, Krishnan R, Tozer S, Smiley D, Rausch S, Seely J. Scaling down of biopharmaceutical unit operations-PartI: fermentation .

Title:Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines
Author:Dushyant Varshney, Manmohan Singh
Publisher:Springer - 2015-05-19


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