Loving Maddie from A to Z

Loving Maddie from A to Z

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Award-winning photojournalist Zack Donovan is happy to be alive after being held captive by a band of rebels in Syria. Hea€™s not so happy to be on his way back to Chicago to recuperate with his college friends Maddie and Aidan, who are now a couple. The fear while being held prisoner was nothing compared to how he feels about facing the two people who unknowingly broke his heart seven years ago. Maddie and Aidan are deeply in love, but lately they feel something is missing for them. Theya€™d do anything to make the other happy, but are struggling to figure out what that is. Those problems are set aside, however, when their best friend from college is taken hostage in Syria. After graduation, Maddie and Aidan were hurt by Zacka€™s refusal to ever come home to visit, but hea€™s still their friend and he has no family, so when hea€™s finally free they insist he come stay with them to recover. Zacka€™s a different man now. Hea€™s seen terrible things. Hea€™s come to terms with his sexuality and embraced his need to dominate. Maddie and Aidan would be shocked to know the kinds of things he likes to do. A guy like him will never have a relationship like theirs. But when Zack realizes he might be able to show Maddie and Aidan what theya€™re missing, he faces a dilemma. Do something? Do nothing? Pretend everythinga€™s fine? Help them if he can? But will showing them what theya€™re missing help save their relationshipa€bor destroy it?a€œMacBook Pro, a€ Aidan said. a€œThata#39;s what you need?a€ a€œYeah.a€ Zack squinted. a€œMy old one was a seventeen inch. Now I have to downsize to a fifteen inch.a€ a€œIs that bad?a€ Zack shrugged. a€œIta#39;ll work. The retina display is pretty fierce.a€ The sales dudeanbsp;...

Title:Loving Maddie from A to Z
Author:Kelly Jamieson
Publisher:Kelly Jamieson - 2015-04-07


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