Love Is It

Love Is It

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When Dira, which means Diamond, found her true love, she knew her life would never be the same. However her love was tested in many ways and the depth of it proved to be more than what a fake lover could overcome. The story of Dira took many twists and turns as she overcame objections from her parents due to differences between cultures, languages and ways of life. The persistence of Dira led her to many great characters in the book, and she ultimately got connected to the one she really wanted with the timely assistance of a Mrs. Roy, a former teacher and friend. Though she found herself in a love triangle, Dira surmounted her fear of choosing wrongly and not even physical disability could stop her from claiming her love. Dira was able to share her story with her friend Suya who had overcome child/human trafficking experience. qLove It Isq demonstrated how one person's willingness to connect can widen the circle of love for others to overcome differences, ignorance and ultimately give hope to the world desperately looking for love. This is one book that will transport you to new experiences about different parts of our world, languages, customs, and ita€™s all seamlessly blended together in a powerfully interesting way to show effect of ignorance on people and the significance of science to bring healing and hope when people connect. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to were they used for?a€ a€œYou want me to tell you how I live my life? ... I receive these applications every day, and several companies are begging me to get their credit cards. When I got to this country, Iwas told to build my credit by having credit cards. So that is what I did. ... Dira was in the bathroom and listening to the phone conversation between raj and the credit card company. She was shocked thatanbsp;...

Title:Love Is It
Author:Elizabeth Olagunju
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-05


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