Love Bites Book Five: Lovership of the Stake

Love Bites Book Five: Lovership of the Stake

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Joan Ravell thought she'd pretty much had her life figured out until a hit squad shows up interrupting that carefully laid out delusion. Next thing she knows, she finds herself drawn into the first Vampire war in three thousands years. That wouldn't be so bad, but her dead lover turns up unabashedly alive, truly blowing her world apart. Fighting emotions she'd locked away ages ago, Joan must team with the one time love of her life to unravel the ancient secret that now threatens not only the Vampire race but the entire world. Can the world survive a tension that's been building for over three thousand years? Oh, and then there's the Vampires planning to bring back the ultimate evil. Just another small problem to deal with when you're the original Queen of the Damned.Green snot is next to impossible to clean out of Persian antiquities and leta#39;s not even go into what it does to my electronics.aquot; aquot;Huh? ... I have every arcane text in my collection converted and on my Kindle. Snardswaddle, thanks to an inventive program I bought off eBay, I dona#39;t even bother to translate ancient runes anymore.

Title:Love Bites Book Five: Lovership of the Stake
Author:J. Morgan
Publisher:Desert Breeze Publishing In - 2011-08-01


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