Loss of Separation

Loss of Separation

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FLIGHT Z IS READY TO DEPART... Pilot Paul Roan is in command of a Boeing 777 involved in a near miss. Nerves shot, he opts for a new life running a BaB in a coastal village with his girlfriend, Tamara. Not long after they arrive, Paul is involved in a serious accident. Emerging six months later from a coma, Paul discovers that Tamara is gone and a child killer is haunting the beaches. The villagers, appalled by Paul's cheating of death, treat him as a sin-eater. They bring him items to dispose of, secrets far too awful to deal with themselves. At least he has local nurse, Ruth, to look after him. And Amy, a damaged soul with a special gift. She befriends Paul and together they unearth clues that might explain the shocking history of the village, and suggest the murders are anything but. Meanwhile, Paul begins to suspect there is more to Tamara's disappearance than meets the eye...I do it all on my MacBook. It pays for the petrol for my Mini and it means I ... A wide -angle and a telephoto lens sat on a table next to a scuffed Nikon DSLR and an iBook plastered with Finding Nemo stickers. I thought of what might be on theanbsp;...

Title:Loss of Separation
Author:Conrad Williams
Publisher:Solaris - 2011-03-03


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