Look Hot, Live Long

Look Hot, Live Long

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The best way to cure illness, as renowned nutritionist Dr. Christine Lydon explains, is to prevent it. And illness prevention begins with good nutrition, weight management, and fitness. Look Hot, Live Long offers Dr. Lydon's simple, proven prescription for women who want to look their best, feel their best, and live a long, healthy life.Using scientifically supported dietary guidelines, cutting-edge training techniques, and practical strategies for incorporating both into daily life, Dr. Lydon explains how we can manage (and lose) weight, tone the body, and promote overall health and well-being simply and successfully. In her program, qeating rightq is not synonymous with -deprivation and suffering, - and qstaying activeq does not entail long hours devoted to a human hamster wheel.Part One, which focuses on nutrition, assists readers in improving their nutrition IQ, explaining first how the body uses macronutrients - carbohydrates, protein, and fat-and then how to turn those physiological processes to a health-endowing purpose. Readers will learn strategies for successful dieting as well as dietary techniques to support the heart, bones, digestive system, and mental health, and to combat cancer.In Part Two, which focuses on strength training and physique sculpting, Dr. Lydon explains why strength training is an integral element of fitness and health. Readers will find answers to common concerns women have about strength training, such as the time commitment necessary to participate. They'll also learn how to design a weight-lifting program for maximum benefit, whether they want to tone the body, increase stamina, improve athletic performance, and/or bulk up. Dr. Lydon's Appendices offer an encyclopedic reference of healthful foods broken down by macronutrient group and serving size, a glycemic index of common carbohydrate sources, and a variety of strength-training routines to optimize muscle tissue development.CIRCUIT TRAINING Full-Body Circuit-Training Routine Session length: 25 to 35 minutes Recommended schedule: Train two or three times a week. Rest between exercises: 0 to 5 seconds Repetitions per set: 15 to 30 Perform one set of aanbsp;...

Title:Look Hot, Live Long
Author:Christine Lydon
Publisher:Basic Health Publications, Inc. - 2003


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