Look for the Union Label

Look for the Union Label

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This is the story of twentieth century America as seen through the needle's eye held in the hands of the garment worker. America's experience in this entire century is reflected in the trials and triumphs of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) founded in 1900. The union was at the very frontier of labor organizations and evoked the spirit of reform and revolt that characterized the Progressive Era pre-World War I. The author carries the story through the union's early years when it triumphed in path-breaking strikes and forged a negotiationg role for labor organizations that foreshadowed American labor-management relations to come. The ILGWU championed third party medicine in its Union Health Center, safe and healthful workplaces, and literacy and education for citizenship for a workforce that was in large part foreign born and illiterate in English. The book elaborates on the central role of the ILGWR in organizing union nationally and their powerful political influence that gave support to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and much progressive legislation that not only benenfited union members but greatly improved the standard of living and opportunities for all low-income families. In World War II and its aftermath, the ILGWU gained prominance in battlng post-war years, it lead the way as demographic changes brought blacks and other minorities into and increasing heterogeneous workforce. The book closes with an analysis of the union's role in meeting the challenge of a global economy. This book will interest students and teachers of American social, political and economic history, labor economics, labor industrial relations, labor management relations, and public policy. This is the story of a union at the very frontier of labor --discusses the story of the East European immigrants at the turn of the century, their work in the sweatshops as well as their contribution to the economic and political life in America --emphasizes the union's spirit of social reform, including coverage of strikes, safe and healthful workplaces, literacy and education, and healthcare.This is the story of twentieth century America as seen through the needlea#39;s eye held in the hands of the garment worker.

Title:Look for the Union Label
Author:Gus Tyler
Publisher:Gremese Editore - 1995-01-01


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