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Londonstani, Gautam Malkani's electrifying debut, exposes a city where young Asians (desis) struggle with white boys (goras) to assert their own brands of Britishness in the shadow of the divergent cultures of their parent's generation. Funny, crude, disturbing, written in the vibrant language of its protagonists - a mix of slang, texting, Panjabi and bastardised gangsta rap - Londonstani is about many things: tribalism, aggressive masculinity, integration, cross-cultural chirpsing techniques, the urban scene seeping into the mainstream, bling bling economics, 'complicated family-related shit'. It is one of the most surprising British novels of recent years.And then therea#39;s Jas, Londonstania#39;s narrator, who tells us of his ganga#39;s journeys. Hea#39;s desperate to win their approval. Hea#39;s desperate also for Samira, a Muslim girl, which in this story is a crush that can only have bad consequences.

Author:Gautam Malkani
Publisher:Gautam Koppala - 2006


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