Living Science Biology 10

Living Science Biology 10

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Living Science for Classes 9 and 10 have been prepared on the basis of the syllabus developed by the NCERT and adopted by the CBSE and many other State Education Boards. Best of both, the traditional courses and the recent innovations in the field of basic Biology have been incorporated. The books contain a large number of worked-out examples, illustrations, illustrative questions, numerical problems, figures, tables and graphs.Draw a neat diagram of a single malphigian capsule and label the following parts : Glomerulus, Bowmana#39;s capsule, Afferent arteriole and ... O. (i) The diagram alongside represents a mammalian kidney tubule (nephron) and its blood supply.

Title:Living Science Biology 10
Author:DK Rao & JJ Kaur
Publisher:Ratna Sagar -


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