Live Fast Die Young

Live Fast Die Young

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Disappointed to learn that Hotel California isna€™t actually in the phone book, radio producers Chris and Joe resolve to seek out the true spirit of rock and roll America. Roof down and stereo up, they drive coast to coast on a mission to a€˜live the musica€™. They will sell their souls to the devil on the same crossroads as Robert Johnson, taste the loneliness of the a€˜Wichita Linemana€™ (and the fried peanut butter sandwich that finished off The King), hang out with the spirit of Johnny Cash in his own front room and, sitting on a jetty by an alligator-infested lake, sing a€˜Happy Birthdaya€™ to country-rock musician Gram Parsons. But first they must learn the ukulele, grow preposterous facial hair and fail to get into the Chateau Marmont with a rising popstar a€“ and thata€™s just day one. Ita€™s a tale of friendship tested to the limit, great melodies, perfect lyrics and noble myths. www.missingparsons.comThe car, however, was a touch more grievous than angel. It had two peculiarities worth highlighting. The first was the CD player. It skipped a bit. This didna#39;t particularly bother me, not least because it seemed to skip songs that featured pedalanbsp;...

Title:Live Fast Die Young
Author:Chris Price, Joe Harland
Publisher:Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW - 2010-05-04


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