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This book aims at providing a thorough understanding of the essentials and the workings of Linux Operating System (OS). It explores the technicalities of this free and open source OS so as to enable readers to harness the full power of Linux. The text gives a methodical insight into Linux. Beginning with an introduction to Linux, the book discusses its salient features, different stages of its development, its basic operations and installation steps, and then describes the desktop environments, file management, administration, and basic Linux commands. In addition, chapters are written on different applications of Linux such as graphics, audio/video, gaming and internet, along with their usage details. Presented in a simple and engaging style, the book is ideal for all computer courses covering the fundamentals of the Linux Operating System, or where Linux forms the core subject. It is ideally suited for self-learning by beginners who can acquire skills in Linux OS in their own desktop environment at home. KEY FEATURES : 1. Gives a comprehensive understanding and working details of Linux. 2. Devotes exclusive chapters on Gimp Image Editor and Applications. 3. Provides step-by-step instructions on essential applications used in Linux to help gain hands-on experience.... 6 Linux distributions, 193 Linux file system, 93 Linux mint, 17 Linuxoperatingsystem, 7, 71, 77, 82, 87, 146, 184 Linux text commands, ... 141, 142 Mail client, 196 Mail merge, 279, 280 Mail servers, 11 MAN, 194 Mandrake linux, 18 Mandriva, 17, 18, 69, 74, 110, 153 Manual, ... 64 mpeg, 173 Mplayer, 173 MS- DOS, 19 MSN, 210 Multimedia, 62 Multimedia files, 12 MySpace, 216 MySQL, 4 Nautilus, 218, 44, anbsp;...

Author:K. L. JAMES
Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2011-11-26


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