Linear Control Systems

Linear Control Systems

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IntroductionConcepts plant, systems servomechanism, regulating systems, disturbances, open loop control systems, closed loop systems, linear and non-linear systems, time variant and invariant, continuous and sampled data control systems, block diagrams, some illustrative examples.ModellingFormulation of equation of linear electrical, mechanical, thermal, pneumatic and hydraulic system, electrical-mechanical analogies. Use of Laplace transform, transfer function, concepts of state variable modelling. Block diagram representation, signal flow graphs and associated algebra, characteristics equation.Time Domain AnalysisTypical test - input signal, transient response of the first and second order systems. Time domain specifications, dominant closed loop poles of higher order systems. Steady state errors and coefficients. Pole-zero location and stability. Routh Hurwitz criterion.Root Locus TechniqueThe extreme points of the root loci for positive gain. Asymptotes to the loci, breakaway points, intersection with imaginary axis, location of roots with given gain and sketch of the root locus plot.Frequency Domain AnalysisClosed loop frequency response, bode plots, stability and loop transfer function. Frequency response specification, relative stability, relation between time and frequency response for second order systems. M and N-circles, Log-Magnitude versus phases angle plot, Nyquist criterion.CompensationNecessity of compensation, series and parallel compensations, compensating network, application of lag and lead compensation.Control ComponentsError detectors-potentiometers and synchronous, servomotor A.C. and D.C., tachogenerators, Magnetic amplifiers.V.U.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi ... The stability analysis and the design of such control systems is the challenge before todaya#39;s engineer. The control systems find applications in the wide variety of engineering branches. The overwhelming response toanbsp;...

Title:Linear Control Systems
Author:V.U.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2007-01-01


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