Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel

Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel

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Frazier Douglass has camped with a motorcycle for over ten years and quickly learned that it's an inexpensive way to travel. Increasing gasoline prices now make motorcycle-camping a viable vacation option for an increasing number of people. It's easy to experience nature, travel and camp comfortably in state, national or private campgrounds. Douglass shares his tips on camping gear, including sleeping bags, sleeping pads, kitchen supplies, cooking and many other items, which can easily be packed on a motorcycle without a trailer or a chase vehicle. He shows how to pack these items safely when riding with a travel companion, and how to use the supplies in the campground. He provides crucial information on how to stay dry in wet weather and how to stay warm in cold weather and presents solutions to dozens of practical problems that might be encountered when camping on a motorcycle trip. Comprehensive and organized, Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel summarizes the preparation that should be done before taking an initial motorcycle camping trip, goes through each step of the trip, and provides practical information and advice. Douglass addresses issues critical to every motorcycle camper, sharing the wisdom he has acquired in his travels.Purchase your gear. ... Another place to look, if you feel comfortable shopping there, is eBay. ... If you plan to set up a base camp, you may wish to pack cooking gear, a tarp to be used as a dining fly, a hammock, and perhaps some optionalanbsp;...

Title:Lightweight Camping for Motorcycle Travel
Author:Frazier Douglass
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03-04


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