Lighting the Dark Side

Lighting the Dark Side

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LIGHTING THE DARK SIDE won the ALLBOOKS REVIEW EDITORAaS CHOICE AWARD 2009 for short story collections. A short story collection featuring three novellas and three shorter works, LIGHTING THE DARK SIDE covers a wide range of fiction genres including, action, thriller, mystery/detective, suspense, and even romance. Join regular people who find themselves caught up in extraordinary situations. Some are simply down on their luck; while others struggle for survival. Each is locked into circumstances rendered more complex by their own weaknesses. Only when the shortcomings are recognized can they overcome these limitations and succeed. This collection of Six Modern Tales is designed to exercise your emotions, capture your imagination, and challenge you to think in new directions. Shop these on-line stores Click here for The Stories Bent, Not Broken. The opening novella is about an obsessive compulsive man who falls in love. Dee-Dee challenges Dwayne to experience life instead of hiding from it. Nevertheless, Dwayne's disorder puts a severe strain on the relationship. Jealousy, low self-esteem, anxiety, and an increasing sense of violence engulf him until he pushes his new love away and falls into old habits of avoidance. Will he overcome this dilemma for love? Or will his problems continue to impede his happiness? In the Gray. A seemingly mundane phone call between a grown son and his mother uncovers the reality of one man's life. Michael Conner has estranged himself from his entire family. He has no time for his corrupt politician brother, his racist, abusive father, and his mother who seems to be more concerned with his marital status than the ugliness in her own home. Prominent Couple Slain. Detective Jack Staal spent twelve years working in the Major Crime Section of the Vancouver Police Department. There he saw the worst of humanity, violent murders, gang warfare, sex crimes, and the ravages of illicit drugs. Homicide investigation was once his mission in life; now with his confidence damaged, he struggles each day to face the brutality. The story finds Staal only weeks after transferring to the Police Service of a small country town called Hanson, where a detective is more likely to investigate a canoe thief than a killer. When a former mayoral candidate and his wife are found DOA in an apparent murder-suicide, Staal is thrown back onto the homicide beat. May 18, 2010. Is May 18, 2010 the end of the world? Trevor Woodward isn't sure; he just wants to go home to his girlfriend, Kelly-Anne, and ignore the growing pandemonium over the approach of an earth-grazing comet called Ivan. Will the rock strike earth and destroy all life? Or is the entire thing a hoax to cover up an atomic bombing in the Persian Gulf? Experiencing increasing episodes of dAcjAn-vu, Trevor begins to suspect that the eventful day is repeating; and with each pass, he gets another chance to repair mistakes with Kelly-Anne and his dying father. Blessing or Curse? Who wouldn't enjoy winning the big one? Brad Stewart isn't certain that becoming an instant millionaire is all hWhile Jenny rested, I worked to repair the broken fence at the top of my property. Memories of Cameron filled my ... I left behind my brand-new Dodge Viper coupe, Jag roadster, Hummer H2, and Porsche Boxer. Sarah drove us in the Walkeranbsp;...

Title:Lighting the Dark Side
Author:William R. Potter
Publisher:William R. Potter - 2008-04-01


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