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Excerpt from Lifescript #1: Asking for a Salary Increase Icebreaker: Ia€™d like to thank you for the opportunity you and the company have given me. I recognize that youa€™ve been very influential in my growth and advancement. However, I have a problem that I need your help with. Pitch #1: What has happened is that Ia€™ve been concentrating solely on my professional growth and havena€™t been paying any attention to my stream of income . . . Pitch #2: I think my salary no longer reflects my contribution to the company . . . Pitch #3: I think my salary no longer matches my job responsibilities . . . Whether you need to ask your boss to stop micromanaging, terminate a subordinate, confront a backstabbing peer, or cold call a potential client, Lifescripts gives you the most effective approacha€“and the actual wordsa€“to use. The bestselling guide to workplace success, Lifescripts has been completely revised and updated, taking a sharp new business focus and adding more than 50 scripts that help you prepare for difficult on-the-job conversations. Each of the 109 Lifescripts gives you a plan that leads to the desired result regardless of the obstacles thrown in your path. You get an icebreaker opener, a pitch, an answer to every question, and a defense for every attack. Youa€™ll also find strategic pointers on attitude, timing, preparation, and behavior. From dealing with human resources to closing a deal, Lifescripts provides a road map to navigate successfully through the most perplexing, problematic workplace dialogues you may face in the course of your business life.

Author:Stephen M. Pollan, Mark Levine
Publisher:Wiley - 2004-03-09


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