Life in a Pond (eBook)

Life in a Pond (eBook)

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The information contained in this resource and activity book enhances children's knowledge and awareness of the living and non-living components of a pond, including the variety of life forms that can be found living on, under, and around the surface of a pond. Through observation and investigation, children will discover similarities, differences, and interactions among living things that inhabit a pond. Activities that emphasize plant and animal adaptations, interdependence, and food chains enable students to learn more about how living things survive in a still, freshwater ecosystem. Four transparencies (print books) or PowerPoint slides (eBooks) are included to engage students in discussion and reinforce the concepts presented in the book.Repeat the process until all students have had at least one turn. Plants and animals can be named more than one time. As the game continues, the yarn will form a web of connections among the students. 5) design a pond diorama. Design aanbsp;...

Title:Life in a Pond (eBook)
Author:Ilene L. Follman
Publisher:Lorenz Educational Press - 1997-09-01


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