Life in a Georgia Town

Life in a Georgia Town

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My name is Sean Peyton Ross. I write this book for present and future generations to read while I still have enough mental capacity and memory to write it before my injury depletes me. I was basically a late term miscarriage born by c section at 6 and 3/4 months old. 5 times I should have died. I am and always have lived on borrowed time. I was kept alive in an incubator by the doctors until I weighed enough and developed enough to survive outside the incubator. I was always a sickly child and was small. The other kids beat up and bullied on me. All my life, through school where I excelled in academics I was beaten up and bullied on. I was put down by the kids who wanted to be bad and the rich kids who thought they were the last word in society. I was bullied in the Navy, In college, at work and in the State Defense Force where I spoke up for the troops and inadvertently caused 3 generals to be fi red after a mission of mercy from a tornado in my hometown started going awry. I had to leave the State Defense Force under duress from the Commanding General. I now have been black listed and no one remembers the good I tried to do while in uniform. I now live in fear for my family and myself. This book is to serve as a journal and as a warning of how diffi cult, cruel and ugly life can be sometimes. It also serves as a guide to those who read this book so that the readers will be able to learn from what I have written. It will inspire those who read it to try harder to improve themselves and the world they now live in. The world cannot advance as a people socially if we only dwell on the triumphs of yesterday do not know of or take heed of the sins and mistakes of the past.... controlled enviroment. At the same time I bought a used 2001 Honda Elite 80 motor scooter to get me about. The motor scooter saved me from having to buy so much gas as my 2004 Dodge Dakota truck with v8 engine was costing me a lotanbsp;...

Title:Life in a Georgia Town
Author:Sean Ross
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-12-14


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