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Science has created a world where anything is possible and everything is affordable. A world where illness and disease have been eradicated. What if you could be young forever? What if you didn't want to? Levi Clayton Furstman's decision not to be inoculated with technology designed to bestow youth and immortality leads him on a journey that forces him to reexamine his relationships, his purpose in life, and, ultimately, what it means to be human.person, his briefcase or his always present file boxes, setting them on the table before him, and passing them out at the end of the day. ... Throughout day three he produced Breitling watches from his file boxes, which he continued to bring into the ... By day four, the press pool started placing bets on what Clay would bring in an obvious attempt to distract the jury. ... Nor did the press guess the Oakley sunglasses, Bollman hats, or Redwing boots brought on days five, six and seven.

Author:Daniel Seltzer
Publisher:Two Cents Plain Publishing Co - 2013-08-30


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