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A ground-breaking 2005 exploration of multinational corporations that differs from other books on the subject by offering the reader a totally global perspective of multinationals without portraying them simply as economic entities. Written by experts on various aspects of the history, development, cultural and social implications of the multinational corporation, the book paints a compelling and coherent picture of the way these businesses affect almost all areas of our existence. As we might expect, the multinational company is shown to play a major role in the globalization that is reshaping so much of our lives.By 1914, the London stock exchange was an international market, as were the Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, and Berlin exchanges. ... it became an international market.86 International business was often conducted through partnerships between and among houses in New York, London, ... After the war, in the 19205, stockbrokers provided for global investments; some stockbrokersa#39; firms became MNEs.

Author:Alfred D. Chandler, Bruce Mazlish
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-01-24


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