Let the Truth Be Told

Let the Truth Be Told

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Orphaned by an engineered plague at the age of ten, Ishan sets out to find its creator and seek revenge for the loss of his parents and his village. However, a mysterious ranger presents Ishan with an Amethyst stone said to be a gift from his late father and promises to train him as a master swordsman. Upon completion of his training, Ishan voluntarilly signs up for a military draft and finds himself being thrown into the heart of a greater conflict; where his fate and the fates'' of several others twist into one.... time of year, and the half-moon gave just enough light through the cloud layer to keep it from being another pitch-black night. ... VA, and even fewer once the black Ford Fusion pulled off of Mercury Boulevard and started making its way up Fox Hill Road. ... They both wore night vision goggles, and with the ambient light filtering from outside tonight they had no problem seeing all that they needed to see.

Title:Let the Truth Be Told
Author:Sonny Hudson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-01-01


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