Lessons From the Music Room

Lessons From the Music Room

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Finally, a a€œhow toa€ book for music teachers New to teaching music and struggling to get your room set up? Frustrated after a year of trial and error? Starting to burn out and need some new ideas to infuse excitement into your programs? Look no further! Help is on the way! Did you know that 3 out of 5 teachers quit during their first five years of teaching? Why? They feel disconnected and under-supported. Lessons from the Music Room provides both support AND connection for the new (and veteran) music teacher. Discover the secrets to teaching music that your professors left out! Ita€™s like you are sitting down with your mentor teacher sharing time saving tips and useful ideas. An incredibly valuable resource for all music teachers! In this book you will: a€c Discover practical tips on everything from the first day to the end-of-year performance a€c Find insightful ideas for planning your lessons a€c Read to Inspiring stories to assist in overcoming behavior issues a€c Gain sage advice on working with administration and colleagues a€c Find loads of downloadable forms for nearly every situation a€c Learn to reduce stress and have more fun a€c Unlock the secrets to becoming a super-star teacher! Even if youa€™ve been teaching for a while, there are strategies for the experienced teacher that will transform your music program at your school! The students will love you! Your administrator will beam! Your parents will give you rave reviews! With 28 years of classroom tested experience, these gems of advice and proven strategies, will prepare you to hit the ground running on the first day of school.Simple. Done in 10 a€“ 15 minutes. If you have agrade book program like Easy Grade Pro or something similar, you can ... Fortheir recorder playing, I used my own version of Recorder Karate (created beforeI knew about Teresa Jenningsa#39; book of the same name). ... If the student was able to play the song perfectly or with 2 or less mistakes, they would be able to pass thesong, and receive apiece of yarn.

Title:Lessons From the Music Room
Author:Cheryl Baker
Publisher:Made For Success Publishing - 2014-09-18


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