Leeds House

Leeds House

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Leeds House is a post-Empire horror novel about the millennial generation. The question this novel answers is, qHow do you scare a group of kids who have already seen everything on the internet?q T/James Reagan, after satirizing celebrities and the fashion industry, moves on to the horror genre for his most twisted novel yet. In Leeds House, members of the metalcore band qLies As Languageq end up in New Jersey's Pine Barrens, where they're confronted with every millennial's ultimate fear... being held accountable for their own actions. With no one else to blame, each character is forced to pay the debts they've accrued through their selfish, narcissistic decisions. Drawing inspiration from sources like Eastbound a Down and The Evil Dead, the novel aggressively explores such topics as Christianity, homosexuality, and the crumbling music business. Filled with offensive humor, VHS horror movie nostalgia, and a story that demands you become part of the journey, Reagan's novel offers a unique experience for those readers willing to step inside Leeds House.a€œTherea#39;s a GPS in the glove box, a€ Rob maintains, a€œWant me to go get it? ... I assumed this was the place you stole the GPS from, but then, bam, you all started rushing out onto the porch! ... With those valuable instincts again coming to his rescue, Wil dashes into the house just as a blast thunders across the Barrens, ... a€œ My shit was in there-I mean, equipment. ... Wil exhales a cloud of smoke, then asks, a€œSo, what, either we ignored the a#39;Check Enginea#39; light for about 100, 000 miles too long, anbsp;...

Title:Leeds House
Author:T/James Reagan
Publisher:T/James Reagan - 2014-11-25


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