Lectures on Clifford (Geometric) Algebras and Applications

Lectures on Clifford (Geometric) Algebras and Applications

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The subject of Clifford (geometric) algebras offers a unified algebraic framework for the direct expression of the geometric concepts in algebra, geometry, and physics. This bird's-eye view of the discipline is presented by six of the world's leading experts in the field; it features an introductory chapter on Clifford algebras, followed by extensive explorations of their applications to physics, computer science, and differential geometry. The book is ideal for graduate students in mathematics, physics, and computer science; it is appropriate both for newcomers who have little prior knowledge of the field and professionals who wish to keep abreast of the latest applications.In modern processors the slowest operation turns out to be the fetch operation, where the next instruction is retrieved from ... The PlayStation 2 (PS2) vector co- processors can perform a vector product in 2 instructions at one cycle each, givinganbsp;...

Title:Lectures on Clifford (Geometric) Algebras and Applications
Author:Rafal Ablamowicz, Garret Sobczyk
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-06-28


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