Leaving Major Tela

Leaving Major Tela

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The journey toward achieving independence from parents is a difficult one for any teenager. Where the parents divorce first, the journey often begins. When the remaining parent is a stern disciplinarian raised in the mountains of the Indian subcontinent, and now a major in the US Army, the youth's difficult journey of separation can take on epic proportions. When her single parent mother, Major Tela, is shipped overseas on combat deployment, Caitlin and her siblings are sent to live with their father, and are now free to pursue more liberating lifestyles. Caitlin joins the high school newspaper where she meets an eclectic girlfriend, Luka, and together they decide to report on student use of soft drugs. The student editor is opposed to the article but the staff backs it. Caitlin also reports on sports, including karate, in which her mother, a karate expert, has trained her and her brother, Kevin. Caitlin becomes attracted to the school sports jock, Cody, a karate champ who is also very libertarian in his attitude toward recreational drugs. He becomes abusive toward her when he learns of her investigative reporting and she tries to stay clear of him. Her problems mount when Caitlin discovers her editor is involved in the drug supply chain. Her problems escalate further when the vengeful editor maneuvers her into a public karate match with Cody, to benefit a teen center. The match is a tumultuous and epic event in the local school milieu. It changes everything for Caitlin and Major Tela, as well as Caitlin and her peers.The journey toward achieving independence from parents is a difficult one for any teenager.

Title:Leaving Major Tela
Author:J. E. O'Rourke
Publisher:Gaelwriter Publishers - 2014-03-17


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