Learn C++ for Game Development

Learn C++ for Game Development

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If youa€™re new to C++ but understand some basic programming, then Learn C++ for Game Development lays the foundation for the C++ language and API that youa€™ll need to build game apps and applications. Learn C++ for Game Development will show you how to: Master C++ features such as variables, pointers, flow controls, functions, I/O, classes, exceptions, templates, and the Standard Template Library (STL) Use design patterns to simplify your coding and make more powerful games Manage memory efficiently to get the most out of your creativity Load and save games using file I/O, so that your users are never disappointed Most of today's popular console and PC game platforms use C++ in their SDKs. Even the Android NDK and now the iOS SDK allow for C++; so C++ is growing in use for today's mobile game apps. Game apps using C++ become much more robust, better looking, more dynamic, and better performing. After reading this book, youa€™ll have the skills to become a successful and profitable game app or applications developer in todaya€™s increasingly competitive indie game marketplace. The next stage is to take the foundation from this book and explore SDKs such as Android/Ouya, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS, DirectX, Unity3D, and GameMaker Studio to make your career really take off. What youa€™ll learn How to use the various C++ skill fundamentals: variables, pointers, flow controls, functions, I/O, classes, exceptions, and more How to write C++ games using object-oriented programming techniques: classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism How to use templates and the Standard Template Library (STL) in C++ How to work with design patterns in C++ game development How to apply C++ to native game activities How to master concurrency and the gains in performance it brings Who this book is for This book is for aspiring game developers with some previous programming experience who need to learn the critical C++ skills necessary to build game applications. C++ is the most popular programming language in use behind most game applications. Table of Contents 1. Beginning C++ Part 1: Procedural Programming 2. Writing a Guessing Game with C++ Types 3. Creating Calculators with Operators 4. Beginning C++ Game Development with Arrays 5. Functions, the Building Blocks of C++ 6. Making Decisions with Flow Control 7. Organizing Projects Using Files and Namespaces Part 2: Object Oriented Programming 8. Object-Oriented Programming with Classes 9. Controlling Data with Access Modifiers 10. Building Games with Inheritance 11. Designing Game Code with Polymorphism 12. Copying and Assigning Data to Objects Part 3: The Standard Template Library 13. The STL String Class 14. STL Array and Vector 15. STL List 16. STL's Associative Containers 17. STL's Stack and Queue 18. STL's Bitset 19. Using the STL in Text Adventure Part 4: Templates and Metaprogramming 20. Template Programming 21. Practical Template Programming Part 5: C++ Game Development 22. Managing Memory for Game Developers 23. Useful Design Patterns for Game Development 24. Using File IO to Save and Load Games 25. Speeding Up Games with Concurrent Programming 26. Supporting Multiple Platforms in C++ 27. Wrapping UpAll major gaming platforms have supported and currently support C++ compilation. This includes Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, and Android. Part 5 of this book covers advanced C++ topics that programmers willanbsp;...

Title:Learn C++ for Game Development
Author:Bruce Sutherland
Publisher:Apress - 2014-06-18


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