Launch a Global Business: A Guidebook for SME Internationalization

Launch a Global Business: A Guidebook for SME Internationalization

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This document is to help non-US small to medium enterprises (SME) when considering doing international business in and through the United States of America (US). It is a brief overview of a sample of issues to consider and is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject. It is meant to serve as an introductory guide for discussion between the company and their Buoyant Capital peer advisor. The peer advisors may suggest how to establish a business plan for internationalization via the US market using NYC as the primary international base of operations. For this document an SME is a company that has reached break-even, is a sustainable business, with products that are suitable for the international market, but may currently be selling only to a domestic or near regional market close to its borders. The author assumes the company has an intent to conduct cross-border trade spanning North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. (Commercial activity in Asia also applies but has special considerations that are not fully represented in this document. A peer advisor can address the specifics of each case as needed.) The suggestions offered in this document may be of interest to micro companies at an earlier stage of development, but much depends on the type of business and type of products being sold. While Buoyant Capital peer advisors have extensive experience in new venture formation, this document is not written for pre-revenue startups although they can benefit from an early understanding of the issues.In 2014, it was 39 billion in imports to the US from Italy and 16 billion of export from the US to Italy. ... The news (June 2015) of the possibility of the UK resigning from the EU is pushing it further into collaboration with the US since the twoanbsp;...

Title:Launch a Global Business: A Guidebook for SME Internationalization
Author:Ray Garcia
Publisher:Buoyant Capital - 2015-08-18


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